Basic Configuration

In this root folder you will find a file called config.toml open this file in any text editor or IDM.

If your theme is not launched in your localhost, then check the theme name is correct in config.toml file. Then run hugo server command again.

Default configuration

  1. At the top you will see a baseURL field for your site URL. Give your site URL here.
  2. LanguageCode field is for your site language.
  3. Title field is for the site title.
  4. Then the Theme field that you are already declared.
  5. SummaryLeangth is for post excerpt limit. you can set your post excerpt length as you want to show.
  6. Pagination field is for blog list page pagination. The list pages will show the amount of posts you configure here.
  7. disqusShortname is for post comments, you can get your shortname here


You can add third party plugins from here. We created a loop for plugins. You will see two plugins loop already implemented. The first one is for css and second one is for js. Copy a loop item that you need and paste it in the bottom of the loop. After you added a plugin, you need to restart the hugo server to render properly.

Default Parameters

  1. Logo field is for your site logo, you can set a default logo for your site, give here the logo directory.
  2. Home is for home in your navigation.
  3. author is for site author name.
  4. description field is for your default meta description, it will show on your homepage and other page that have not any meta description on this page front-matter.
  5. snipcartAPI is for active the snipcart, go to snipcart , create your account and generate a snipcart public API key. and replace with it.
  6. currency is for your store currency.
  7. googleAnalitycsID is for turn on google analytics on your site, give your won analytics ID here.
  8. contactFormAction is for enable contact form in contact page, contact form works with formspree.
  9. copyright is for copyright text in the bottom of the page.
  10. preloader is for site preloader, you can enable or disable preloader by enable = true or false, then if you want any image, logo, or animation in preloader then give the location in preloader = , like preloader = images/preloader.gif or if you don’t want any logo or image then leave the preloader field empty, then it will show a white screen when every component is loading. that’s simple.
  11. Search is for blog post search, you can enable or disable it from here.
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