This template supports multi-language, we provide 2 language here, that’s why you will see 2 navigation here. First one is in [] that is for English language. and other one is in [] that is for the french language. In this theme English is the default language. All the navigation are follow the same rules.

In this file, we already provide a navigation. You can extend it with your own page names and links.


  1. [[]] is the main loop, you can add your navigation item by copy and paste this line.
  2. name attribute is for navigation item name.
  3. URL is for the page url, give the page name here, it will automatically add the base URL from your site. like if you want to give the about page url here, type about . this is for the default language URL. For the other languages, you must add the language name before the page name, like for french language, you need to add fr/ before the page url. example : fr/about
  4. weight is for your navigation sorting, the smaller number weight will show first.
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