Top Header

Top header is the top section of the template, you can configure it from the config.toml file. If you don’t need it, you can false it.

  1. [[menu.main]] is the main loop, you can add your navigation item by copy and paste this line.
  2. name attribute is for navigation item name.
  3. URL is for the page url, give the page name here, it will automatically add the base URL from your site. like if you want to give the about page url here, type about .
  4. weight is for your navigation sorting, the smaller number weight will show first.
  5. For dropdown menu you need to add another attribute called hasChildren = true , and remove URL. then give 1 tab space for understanding hugo that is a children menu item. and paste this [[menu.main]] again, then give the parent = attribute here. parent name should be the dropdown item name, then give the page name and URL.
  6. navigation_button is for main navigation button, you can enable or disable it.

Footer navigation is also follow the same rule that use main navigation.

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