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Shortcodes are a way to add custom functionality to your contents/posts. They are used to add custom functionality to your posts. If you need to add a custom shortcode, you can contact us for a custom service.

Collapse Shortcode

{{< collapse "this is a simple collapse" >}}
This is the content that collapse
{{</ collapse >}}

Collapse shortcode allows you to create collapsible content blocks. You can use it to create accordions or to create collapsible panels. It takes one parameter as collapse header and inner content.

Notice Shortcode

{{< notice note >}}This is a simple note{{</ notice >}}

You can use this shortcode to display a notice. The notice can be styled with the following tags: note, warning, tip, info. You can use markdown in the notice.

Tab Shortcode

{{< tabs >}}

  {{< tab "first tab" >}}
  This is first Tab Content
  {{< /tab >}}

  {{< tab "second tab" >}}
  This is second Tab Content
  {{< /tab >}}
{{< /tabs >}}

This shortcode allows you to create a tabbed content block. You can add as many tabs as you like. The content of every tab writes in the tab shortcode. You can use this example code to create a tabbed content block.

Instagram Shortcode

{{< instagram BQD9zQQFQZ >}}

If you want to display your Instagram photos, you can use the Instagram shortcode. You only need the photo’s ID. You can find the ID in the URL of the photo. For example, the URL of the photo is and the ID is BQD9zQQFQZ.

Twitter Shortcode

{{< tweet 877500564405444608 >}}

This shortcode allows you to embed a Twitter feed. You can use it to display a feed of a specific user’s tweets. This shortcode takes one parameter. The parameter is the id of the feed you want to display.

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