CMS Integration

In this tutorial we will show you to make your website live without buying any hosting and touching a single line of code.

What you need !!

  1. Git acccount (Ex: Github, Gitlab etc )
  2. Netlify account to host files and add custom domain
  3. Forestry account to maintain whole project without code.

Step 1 : Add template to git

First of all, create a git repository (Ex: Github, Gitlab) and push your template to the repository.

Step 2 : Add your repository in Forestry

Go to your forestry account and click on import your site now. declare your config.toml file [exampleSite] and fill up basic settings . Mark everything is done then go to configuration to change the base url . You can put any url but this have to similar as netlify . So for now put a name which you are going to put in netlify as netlify subdomain.

Step 3 : Setup and host website with Netlify

Here comes the last step . Go to your netlify account and click add new site . Choose your git repository to import your website in netlify . And now you can see your repository. Select it and follow the steps. Then go to site settings for change the site name and put your subdoamin name here what you puted on forestry as base url. save it and go to deploy from top menu, Wait a while and click on site preview or just simply go to the subdomain you puted as base url. BOOM! Your site is live. Now you can go to forestry and add, remove or customize every setting and content.

Video Documentation

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