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Content Management

You can structure your content on two levels: language and topics.

Language Structure

To translate a page, simply add the language code at the end of the filename:    # default contact page # english contact page # french contact page

If you omit the language code then this page will be used as default page for every language if there is no language version defined. If you define the language code, then this page is for that specific language only and will be chosen instead of the default page. If you have no translated version for a language AND no default language page, then on that language version the page will not be created and ignored.

Topic Structure

Have a look in the folder content. You will see a list of folders that have mixed functionality:

The folders contact and faq will add the contact page and faq page to your site.

Every other folder in your content directory creates a topic section of content. If you look at the included sample site, you find the following sections:

- billing-pricing
- features
- installation

Loading the sample site at localhost:1313 will show you these sections in the topic lists or boxes, depending on your layout.

Inside of these topic sections you find the chapters of your documentation that you can continue to segment further with folders and files. The sidebar navigation will show all subitems of each folder.

You can easily extend the structure by adding new section folders. Create the folder, then inside add an (or if you use languages). The frontmatter must contain the following parameter:

type : "docs"

This marks this section as documentation topic and a new box/list will be added to the home page for it.

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