First download the latest version of Hugo for your operating system. You can find the latest releases on Hugo’s Github page. If you don’t know Hugo yet, we encourage you learn more about it by reading our Guide to Hugo.

Getting Started with your new Theme

Open a console or DOS box and go to the location where you wish to save your website for local development.

cd path/to/your/site

Create the new site. This will add a folder with your sitename to the current location:

hugo new site sitename

Unzip your theme and copy it’s contents over into the folder themes so that you end up with a folder structure like themes/dot-hugo/ and inside of this folder having subfolders like archetypes, assets and others.

Copy all files from themes/dot-hugo/exampleSite into the root directory, so that they overwrite existing files and folders of the same name. You can delete the folder exampleSite afterwards.

You are ready to give your site a test run now:

cd sitename/
hugo server

If everything went well then you can now load your website using the Dot Hugo Theme at localhost:1313.

Next steps

Video documentation

If you don’t understand the theme setup steps, you can follow this video documentation.

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