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Content Management

You will get every page that your website has in the content folder except home page. The content folder is a subfolder of the project folder.


Home Page content comes from data folder. The data folder is a subfolder of the project folder. After open the data folder you will see all page contents file, like homepage.yml for homepage.Open this page in any text editor, and you will be able to edit it. Some of the sections can hide. You can change its enable value to false.

Other Pages

There are two types of pages in the Hugo theme, list page, and single page. The list page is kind of a landing page (ex: speaker page). And the single page is called the inner page of a product or a post (ex: blog single page). We need to define the structure or markup of every page.

We already provided the necessary markup for the existing pages. You can find the markup in the themes/layout folder. For example, About page layout is layout: speaker. We have also provided default list and single page layouts. So when you create a new page, you don’t need to define the layout. It will be the default layout.

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