Post Configuration

Hugo provides a new command to create a post, As you know this template is a multilingual template, that’s why when you create a new post, you need to define which language post is this, as an example for creating a new post is Hugo new content/english/blog/ , it will create a post for the English language.

Configure Post

You can configure your blog post from the front-matter. Front-matter starts with --- and end with also --- . In this front matter, you can give description = meta description, image = images/blog/post-thumb.jpg, categories and tags.

Post Type

There are three types of posts in this template. you can set type: “regular” for the regular post . all type (featured, trending, regular) , you can also set type featured or trending.

When you created a new post, the draft default value is true, and when the draft is true your post will not show, you need to change it for showing this post. like draft = false. Only then your post will show in blog page.

After closing front matter give your post content, remember that every file that has an .md extension, are supports markdown.

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