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Create New Post

when you want to create a new post, the command is hugo new works/ and for French it’s hugo new works/

Configure Post

You can configure your works post from the front-matter. Front-matter starts with --- and end with also --- . In this front matter you can give title, image = images/portfolios/portfolio-1.jpg, company = company name, client = client name, categories and location.

When you created a new post, the draft default value is true, which means it’s not published yet. Make it false to publish the post, ex: draft = false. After closing the front matter, give your post content.

Remember that every file that has a .md extension supports markdown.

Example Front-Matter

title: "Astrography"
date: 2019-08-29T15:38:38+06:00
draft: false
image: "images/portfolios/portfolio-1.jpg"
company: "Absolut Inc."
client: "Julia Robertson"
category: "Investment, Business"
location: "1201 park street, Avenue, Dhaka"
siteLink: "#"
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