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In your sites root folder you will find a file called config.toml. Open this file with your text editor or IDE.

Sitewide configuration

  1. baseURL field for your website URL / domain. Add your site URL here. Remember, you need to add a trailing slash at the end of the URL.
  2. title is for the main title of your website.
  3. theme sets up the used theme. If your theme is located in my-project/themes/theme-name folder, then the value for this parameter is theme-name.
  4. googleAnalytics add your Google Analytics ID to enable analytics on all pages. # example: UA-123-45. For more info, read the article. If you want another third-party analytics, you can contact us for custom service.
  • [[menu.main]] is the main menu loop, you can add your navigation item by copy and pasting this line.
  • name attribute is for navigation item name.
  • URL is for the page url, just give the page name here, it will automatically add the base URL from your site. like if you want to give the about page url here, just type about .
  • weight is for your navigation sorting, the smaller number weight will show first.

Parameter Configuration

Most parameters in the [params] section of your configuration are commented. You can change the basic setup of the theme and add information or enable/disable features.

Map Configuration

The included map can be configured in the [] section:

enable = true
gmap_api = ""
map_center_lat = "25.000"
map_center_lng = "-80.000"
map_position_lat = "25.000"
map_position_lng = "-80.000"
map_marker = "images/map-marker.png"

If you wish to center the map on a different location than the map marker is located then use map_center_lat and map_center_long for this point. The map marker can be set with map_position_lat and map_position_lng. To disable the map just set enable to false.

Get an API-key for Google Maps


In this template we use fontawesome 4.7.0 icon pack, you can choose your necessary icon from here

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