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Homepage Setup

The homepage content is configured via data configuration in data/homepage.yml

You can disable each section and features inside these sections by setting the parameter enable to false.

All paths to images must be relative to the static folder. If an image is located in static/images/home/image.jpg then the path to add to an image parameter is images/home/image.jpg.

Change the way the banner section is displayed. To add a link on the same page just use a hash # and the section name.

  enable : true
  title : "Advancement is Omega"
  content : "Solving the problems of today to see a tomorrow worth living and a past worth remembering."
  image : "images/hero-image/hero-slider-01.jpg"
    enable : true
    label : "WHAT WE DO"
    link : "#products"

Mission Section

This section is prepared to show a mission statement and a video. The video needs to be hosted on Youtube. Add the ID of the video in the configuration.

  enable : true
  title : "Propel Advancement"
  section : "MISSION"
  content : "Introducing the world’s first Advancement Company. As we enter the dawn of the digital age a significant leap must be made to propel the world into the age of advancement."
  video_thumb: "images/video-thumb.jpg"
  video_id: "ResipmZmpDU"

Vision Section

This section lets you add quotes to present your companies vision. You can add more items by copypasting the vision_item blocks. Each block contains a title, image and content variable.

  enable : true
  section : "VISION"
  - title : "People First"
    image : "images/vision/vision-01.jpg"
    content : "I started with a vision of creating an atmosphere where people come first. <br>Paul Sanar Founder"

Product Section

Present your products with images and description. To add more products copypaste a block in product_item. Its contents are title, image, content and a project_url that points to an external page (don’t forget to add the https-part in the beginning of the URL).

  enable : true
  section : "Products"
  title : "Some Of Our Best Products"
  content : "See the innovation that has come through the Rio way. As an advancement company, the goal is to continuously find areas to help business push forward. Below you can find the first product available to help you do so."
  - title : "Ecosystem"
    image : "images/product/product-03.jpg"
    content : "Omega OS Version 2.0 is the world’s first and only cloud operating system. See how this revolutionarys oftware can become the center of your business."
    project_url : "#"

Contact Section

In this section you can add your contact information for your customers to reach you. You can configure the map section in the config.toml.

  enable : true
  section : "CONTACT US"
  title : "reach us"
  image : "images/map-bg.jpg"
  content : "The dawn of the digital age and the need for a significant leap forward is here. We believe that every business has the opportunity to move into this new age with the right mindset. Contact us today to begin understanding how Omega can propel your business."

Call to Action

Add a call to action with a link to your career page.

  enable : true
  title : "Join the Omega family. <br>Click below to view the career opportunities we have for you."
  button_label : "Apply Now"
  button_link : "career"
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